How Educational Therapy differs from standard tutoring.

Tutoring is centered around subjects in school whereas therapy involves perception, reasoning and the application of knowledge. Educational therapy (E.T.) teaches how to learn and how to think instead of just the what to learn.  It is the difference between following the directions on a microwave package, and actually planning and preparing a meal from scratch. It is the process of discovery that engages the learner and teaches — that lights the fire!  Getting good grades is great, but becoming a better “thinker” is a far greater goal.  Educational therapy not only prepares students to experience academic success, but to thrive in life.


Educational therapy literally turns cognitive weaknesses into strengths, transforms limitations to competencies, replaces hopelessness with confidence, and actually changes and improves brain function – permanently!


Due to this power, at Light Up Learning, even our Tutoring Twist offerings are specialized to include aspects of the dynamic processes involved in therapy. As each student has unique needs, we aim to select the best option on an individual basis.

Learning should:

  • Kindle Curiosity (cause questioning)
  • Fire-up Critical Thinking (stimulate cognitive processes)
  • Incite Persistence (challenge weaknesses)
  • Inspire Creative Thought (promote self-reliance)
  • Encourage Transference (connect to life)

This is our aim with each and every learner!