What is NILD Educational Therapy®?

N.I.L.D. Educational Therapy® was developed to treat assumed, underlying causes of learning difficulties rather than simply treating the symptoms. Students are trained to view themselves as competent, confident learners. The goal of N.I.L.D. Educational Therapy® is to help students develop tools of independent learning in the classroom and in life.

Weekly sessions include a variety of techniques designed to address students’ specific areas of difficulty and to improve their overall ability to think, reason and process information. Techniques emphasize basic skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling and math, applying reasoning skills within each area.

Students are taught by educational therapists, who are trained specifically in N.I.L.D. methodology and receive on-going graduate-level training leading to N.I.L.D. certification. Regular collaboration between the educational therapist, parents and classroom teachers is encouraged in order to assess progress and appropriately adjust educational programs for each student.

Research shows the effectiveness of Educational Therapy… 

IDA Recognizes NILD for Meeting Teacher Training Standards in Reading

Following an independent program review, the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) recognized the National Institute for Learning Development for meeting IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.