On the 10th day before Christmas…

#10 – On The 10th day before Christmas your kiddos really want a TRINKET.

I know, I just told you in yesterday’s message to give significance, and now I say “bring out the junk,” lol. Oh, but you know what they say about “one man’s trash!” An intentionally placed trinket, then, can become a keepsake, right? Allow me to share my case in point: the tiny collection of Christmas penguins in key places throughout my house during Christmastime. My oldest has always loved their awkward cuteness, and so, over the years, I’ve picked out a few to have around just for her. Now every year, it’s something that says, “You are a vital part of how we celebrate.” So, pick up a trinket or two that makes a statement for them!

– Jessie

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