On the 8th day before Christmas…

Day 8 promises to be great, and we hope that Days 12-9 were a homerun, because this Holiday’s Message is not simply for a time of the year, but for all time and for everyone!

#8 – On The 8th day before Christmas your kiddos really want a TELL.

So when you play poker (I mean just for fun), this isn’t something you want. It’s like a giveaway your opponents use to know whether you’ve got a good hand or not 👎. Uh-uh, the tell I mean is quite literal; It’s just storytelling. “Mom, could you tell us about…” was a question that never stopped in my family. The kids wondered how we celebrated before we had them and when they were younger, why we did what we do during the holidays, and so much more! Stories are amazing – we all know that, but when they feature you through family trees, it’s richer. We incorporated old pictures in our stories, and even had the kids share what they learned with others. Just think what influence a good story can inspire! Go tell it (on a mountain or otherwise, hehe)!


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